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AFUI3YYRQ8Fix an issue where, when you set an Alternate Name on in your address book and send mail to the user in another domain, the recipient who receives...
AFUI475QANFix a crash when trying to archive a database with a name longer than 32 characters. We now accept up to 256 characters.
AKE465DKFGrant both "Public Write Access" and "Public Read Access" to all delegates given the "Calendar Create/Edit Access" rights to a mailfile by a user who...
APAI464QGLProperly reinitialize the list of Resources available if the user chooses the Find Resource option of the Scheduler more than once in a...
AKE4695A7Fix a problem which caused previously sent internal mail, edited to be sent to a new person, to be sent to the original recipient...
ASCR457KDXFix Ctrl+Backspace in the Subject field of a mail memo, which previously deleted the wrong word if the last word was only one...
ATHS43VPU6Fix a problem preventing the use of the search bar.
ATHS4525B4Shut down cleanly when full text indexing is active.
ATHS4337B5Default to the last accessed server instead of 'Local' each time the Administrator Client is opened.
ATHS436L75Return an error, "All statistics - Timeout occurred waiting for message," instead of hanging if a problem occurs retrieving server statistic...
ASHH3ZRTSLFix a problem with Japanese words being incorrectly highlighted.
ATAI48W42LMulti-byte characters now display properly in the Editor Applet.
ATCY46HKMKProperly handle NSFNoteLSCompile failures with errors in field scripts. Before the fix, if a customer tried to compile a form with scripts...
ATHS463MJBFix blank lines, unexplained "Note item not found" errors, and full text indexing errors like "Write error.errcode = 1" and "Write error.errcode =...
ATHS468MPUPrevent documents from being deleted in both databases during replication and replicate the deletion stubs instead.
ATHS45A73ZFix the Database Quota Information dialog in Database Tools->Quotas to display the correct size for databases less than 1 MB.
ATHS45L7S2Ensure the list of servers being displayed in the combo box on the configuration panel reflects servers in the Domain currently...
AWHN46ZN34Fix an intermittent crash in the HTTP server which is not easily reproducible.


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